Past Sermons

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JAN Message Speaker
5 Stayed Upon Jehovah Pastor Peter Chng
12 The Beauty of The Resurrection Mark Chen
19 What Happens When We Resurrect Mark Chen
26 Grow Up! Mark Chen
2 From Bread Basket to Death Basin Mark Chen
9 The Disgraced, the Stiff-necked, and the Friendly Mark Chen
16 Believers Can Have a Warped Perspectives Too Mark Chen
23 Nothing Is By Accident Mark Chen
2 Taking Care of One Another Mark Chen
9 Enough and More Than Enough Pastor Peter Chng
16 Instructions on How to Find Rest Mark Chen
23 The Kinsman Redeemer Mark Chen
30 Sit Still Mark Chen
6 You Can Have The Dirt Off My Shoe Mark Chen
13 A Wedding Prayer Mark Chen
20 The Appearances Of The Risen Lord Rev David Yan
27 The Comfort Of The Lord Rev David Yan
4 The Restorer of Thy Life Mark Chen
11 A King from Incest, A Harlot and an Alien Mark Chen
18 What Is Conversion Mark Chen
25 Hindrances to Repentance and Faith Mark Chen
1 Signs of True Conversion Mark Chen
8 Give Attention To Our Character Rev Hock Khee Ong
15 Made Willing To Go To Isaac Rev Philip Gardiner
22 Are You Forgiving? Mark Chen
29 What Is Christianity All About? Mark Chen
6 Looks Like A Glut This Season Mark Chen
13 The Secrets to Spiritual Viticulture Mark Chen
20 The Son Doesn't Set Mark Chen
27 Bad Seeds Do Produce Fine Vintage Mark Chen
3 Laboring In The Gospel Vineyard Mark Chen
10 All You Need Is Christ Mark Chen
17 What Spoils Good Fruit Mark Chen
24 Will Your Worship Worship Your Will Mark Chen
31 Cultivating True Affections for Christ Mark Chen
7 Being A Wise Father Mark Chen
14 Biblical Molting Mark Chen
21 Biblical Mummifcation Mark Chen
28 Adding New Spice To The Old Spouse Mark Chen
5 In Sync With The Lord Rev Peter Chng
12 Growing Older and Wiser Pastor Ed Paauwe
19 Rebellious Folks and Their Kids Mark Chen
26 New Family - New In Law Relations Mark Chen
2 Divine Corporate Employment Structure Mark Chen
9 Remaining Seasoned Mark Chen
16 Those Were Mature Saints (I) Mark Chen
23 Those Were Mature Saints (II) Mark Chen
30 The Zeal of Thine House Hath Eeten Me Up Rev Quek Swee Hwa
7 Haughty Husband, Willful Wife Mark Chen
14 God Blesses Despite Our Unfaithfulness Mark Chen
21 Confirmations In The Flight To Egypt Rev Philip Gardiner
28 Fear God, Honor The King Mark Chen


APR Special Messages Speaker
18 Good Friday - Will You Come To The Cleansing Fountain Mark Chen


JAN Message Speaker
6 Troubled Relationships Pastor Mark Chen
13 A Man of Bad Choices Pastor Mark Chen
20 A Man of Contrasts Pastor Mark Chen
27 He Did So Much and No More Pastor Mark Chen
3 Lessons from the Line of Redemption Pastor Mark Chen
10 An Asinine Man Pastor Mark Chen
17 It Doesn't Matter How Evil You Were Pastor Mark Chen
24 He Didn't Fulfill His Vow Pastor Mark Chen
3 Curse of the Double Labor Pastor Mark Chen
10 A Poisonous Disposition Pastor Mark Chen
17 Courageous Women Pastor Mark Chen
24 A Desperate Woman Pastor Mark Chen
29 Good Friday - It Is Finished Rev Glen Lock
31 She Would've Split Her Heart Trying Pastor Mark Chen
7 Thinking Spiritually and Correctly Pastor Mark Chen
14 She Became Dog Food Pastor Mark Chen
21 The Trembling of the Righteous Charles Scott-Pearson
5 How To Have Great Gain Pastor Mark Chen
12 Resting in God Pastor Mark Chen
19  Overcome Evil With Good No Recording Pastor Mark Chen
26 Pride Goeth Before Destruction Pastor Mark Chen
2 Why Are there Divisions In Church Pastor Mark Chen
9 The Wisdom of God's Foolishness No Recording Pastor Mark Chen
16 The Primacy of the Word and Spirit Pastor Mark Chen
23 Two Species of People and the Christian Baby Pastor Mark Chen
30 Who Are They But Ministers? Pastor Mark Chen
7 How Are We Serving? Pastor Mark Chen
14 Success and Faithfulness in Ministry No Recording Pastor Mark Chen
21 Loving the Unrepentant In Church Pastor Mark Chen
28 Cultivating the Life Of Faith Pastor Peter Chng
4   Pastor Jim Gibbon
11 Jonah Cried Pastor Richard Pike
18 Lawsuits Among Christians Pastor Mark Chen
25 Sexual Impurity and the Body of Christ Pastor Mark Chen
1 Physical Relations in Marriage Pastor Mark Chen
8 Content in Singleness Pastor Mark Chen
15 A Word about Divorce and Seperation Pastor Mark Chen
22 Are You Abiding in Christ? Pastor Calvin Loh
29 Take Care of Your Pastor Pastor Mark Chen
6 Compassionate Waiters In The Church Pastor Mark Chen
13 God is in Control of Everything Pr Hai Seng Lim
20 Measuring Up Pastor Mark Chen
27 The Pastor's Race Mark Chen
3 A Piece of Meat Is Just a Piece of Meat Mark Chen
10 A Piece of Meat Is Not Just a Piece of Meat Mark Chen
17 Headship in the Church Mark Chen
24 Worthiness in Partaking Communion Mark Chen
1 Your Place in Church Mark Chen
8 Endeavoring to Love More Mark Chen
15 Tongues-Confusion in Church Mark Chen
22 Instruction In The Church Mark Chen
29 Evidence of the Ressurection Mark Chen


APR Special Messages Speaker
19 History of the English Reformation Charles Scott-Pearson
20 The Papacy-Predicted, Promoted & Presented Charles Scott-Pearson
21 Judges 3 Charles Scott-Pearson
28 A Prayer of Thanksgiving Rev Ed Paauwe
26 Chairpersons & Musicians Workshop    Handout Pastor Mark Chen


January 2011

2 Jan Rev Edward Paauwe - Growing in Christlikeness DOWNLOAD
9 Jan Rev Edward Paauwe - Patiently Wait for the Lord DOWNLOAD
16 Jan Rev Edward Paauwe - Effectual Fervent Prayer DOWNLOAD
23 Jan Rev Edward Paauwe - He that Winneth Souls is Wise DOWNLOAD
30 Jan Rev Edward Paauwe - Bible Doctrines or Man's Commandments DOWNLOAD


February 2011

6 Feb Rev Edward Paauwe - The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven DOWNLOAD
13 Feb Rev Edward Paauwe - The Parable of the Two Sons DOWNLOAD
20 Feb Rev Edward Paauwe - Are you a Good and Faithful Servant DOWNLOAD
27 Feb Rev Edward Paauwe - The Great Commission DOWNLOAD


March 2011

6 March Rev Edward Paauwe - First Things First DOWNLOAD
13 March Rev Edward Paauwe - Do You Have a Healthy Heart? DOWNLOAD
20 March Rev Edward Paauwe - Christ, Children, and Charity DOWNLOAD
27 March Rev Edward Paauwe - When Will the Lord Come Again? DOWNLOAD


April 2011

3 April Rev Edward Paauwe - Humble Submission to the Will of God DOWNLOAD
10 April Rev Edward Paauwe - My Father's Business DOWNLOAD
17 April Rev Edward Paauwe - Palm Sunday-A Day of Gladness and Sadness DOWNLOAD
24 April Rev Edward Paauwe - Remember His Words DOWNLOAD


May 2011

May 1 Rev Jack Sin - Biblical Elements for a Vibrant Growing Church DOWNLOAD
May 8 Pastor Ed - Lot's Wife DOWNLOAD
May 15 Pastor Ed - Two Parables on Prayer DOWNLOAD
May 22  Pastor Ed - Jesus Himself Drew Near No Recording
May 29 Pastor Ed - The Love of God DOWNLOAD


June 2011

Jun 5 Pastor Ed - Jesus was carried up into Heaven  DOWNLOAD
Jun 12 Pastor Ed - The Comforter Has Come  DOWNLOAD
Jun 19 Pastor Ed -  Love one Another DOWNLOAD
Jun 26  Pastor Ed - So Send I You DOWNLOAD


July 2011

Jul 3 Dn Raymond Woo - Jesus is the True Light DOWNLOAD
Jul 10  Pastor Ed - Spiritual Leadership in the Church DOWNLOAD
 Jul 17 Rev Ho Chee Lai - The Christian Race DOWNLOAD
 Jul 24 Pastor Ed - The Church Council at Jerusalem DOWNLOAD
Jul 31  Pastor Ed - The Judgement Seat of Christ  DOWNLOAD


Aug 2011

Aug 7 Pastor Ed - Now Is The Accepted Time DOWNLOAD
Aug 14  Rev Jim Gibbon - The Kind of Church Jesus Wants To See Today DOWNLOAD
Aug 21  Pastor Ed - The Law of God vs The Law of Sin DOWNLOAD
Aug 28 Pastor Ed - Jacob Have I Loved DOWNLOAD


September 2011

Sept 4  Pastor Ed - Abraham Our Father UNAVAILABLE
Sept 11  Elder Sherman Ong - Christian Discipleship UNAVAILABLE
Sept 18  Pastor Ed - Do All To the Glory of God DOWNLOAD
Sept 25  Pastor Ed - Biblical Seperation DOWNLOAD


October 2011

Oct 2  Pastor Ed - God's Grace Is Sufficient DOWNLOAD
Oct 9  Preacher Hai Seng Lim - Obedience in Discipleship DOWNLOAD
Oct 16  Pastor Ed - The Name Above Every Name DOWNLOAD
Oct 23 Pastor Ed - Let No Man Deceive You DOWNLOAD
Oct 30 Pastor Ed - Reformation Sunday DOWNLOAD


November 2011

Nov 6 Pastor Ed - Learning From The Apostle Paul DOWNLOAD
Nov 13  Pastor Ed - Warnings From Hebrews DOWNLOAD
Nov 20  Pastor Ed - Exhortations From Hebrews DOWNLOAD
Nov 27  Pastor Ed - A Lively Hope DOWNLOAD


December 2011

Dec 4 Rev Glen Lock - The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength DOWNLOAD
Dec 11 Pastor Ed - Christian Hospitality DOWNLOAD
Dec 18 Pastor Ed - The Angela Appears to Mary DOWNLOAD
Dec 25 Pastor Ed - Good Tidings of Great Joy DOWNLOAD


January 2012

Jan 1 Rev Glen Lock - Wanted: Bold Believers DOWNLOAD
Jan 8 Pastor Ed - Labourers Together With God DOWNLOAD
 Jan 15 Pastor Ed - Building on a Strong Foundation DOWNLOAD
 Jan 22  Pastor Ed - The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand DOWNLOAD
Jan 29 Pastor Ed - Jesus Feeds A Hungry Multitude DOWNLOAD


February 2012

Feb 5 Pastor Ed - Extending Grace DOWNLOAD
 Feb 12 Pastor Ed - Don't Be a Hypocrite DOWNLOAD
 Feb 19 Pastor Ed - Waiting and Watching DOWNLOAD
 Feb 26 Pastor Ed - The Lord is With Us Always DOWNLOAD


March 2012

Mar 4 Pastor Ed - A Solitary Place DOWNLOAD
 Mar 11 Pastor Ed - Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole DOWNLOAD
Mar 18 Rev Jim Gibbon - Don't Worry DOWNLOAD
 Mar 25 Rev Jim Gibbon - What is the Gospel? DOWNLOAD


April 2012

Apr 1 Pastor Ed - Hosanna! DOWNLOAD
Apr 8 Pastor Ed - Christ is Risen DOWNLOAD
Apr 15  Preacher Mark Chen - Many Waters Cannot Quench Love DOWNLOAD
 Apr 22 Preacher Mark Chen - Giving Thanks in Every Circumstance DOWNLOAD
Apr 29 Pastor Ed - Praise The Lord for His Goodness (Anniversary Service) DOWNLOAD


May 2012

6 May Pastor Ed - A Rich Man in Hell DOWNLOAD
 13 May Pastor Ed - The Teaching of King Lemuel's Mother DOWNLOAD
20 May Pastor Ed - The Ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ  DOWNLOAD
 27 May Pastor Ed - The Day of Pentecost DOWNLOAD


June 2012

3 Jun Pastor Ed - Jesus Heals on the Sabbath DOWNLOAD
10 Jun  Pastor Ed - The Light of the World DOWNLOAD
17 Jun  Pastor Ed - Kept By the Power of God DOWNLOAD
24 Jun  Pastor Ed - The Unity of the Church DOWNLOAD


"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16