Adult Fellowship

The Mission Statement of the Adult Fellowship is  The mission of The Adult is " To prepare the adult worshippers to live with Christ on earth and in Heaven, under the Lord's guidance and to help others to do the same."


The Objectives of The Adult Fellowship are :-

1. Bible Study

2. Fellowship Meetings

3. Hospital Visitations

4. Topical Talks By Invited Speakers

5. Sports and Exercise

6. Social Activities like Pinic and Outings

7. Tours within W.A. and Australia


The Committee Meetings are held monthly and the Adult Fellowship Meetings are held bi-monthly or as dictated by outing activities.


The Committee consists of The Chairman, Alternative Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary of Meetings, two or three Committee members. The Pastor and an Elder or Deacon are co-opted to be Ex-Officias.


As the name of the committee suggests, the Committee consists of Church Members of mature age, that is 18 years or older. The Open Meetings could be attended by any Member of the Church and invited Guests.


The Venue of the Committee Meetings are held at the Church or in the homes of one of the Committee Members.


Committee Meetings are normally held immediately after the Church Service. Open Adult Fellowship Meetings are normally held at 7.30 PM on Fridays.


The Outing Venues may be very diverse. Places like The Mundering Weir, Monkey Mia or even The Ayers Rock at Alice Spring are being considered.


Outings in the past to Aruluen, Esperance, Wave Rock at Hyden, Pemberton had drawn enthusiastic response.


The cost for the Outings is normally borne by the participants. For distant Outings, the Fellowship have sought assistance from the Church, whose Session usually have sympathetic ears.


"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." � John 3:16