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JAN Message Speaker
6 Hear This And Give Ear Mark Chen
13 Jesus The True Vine Rev Philip Gardiner
20 Cry Unto The Lord Mark Chen
27 A Day of Darkness Mark Chen
3 Return To God Mark Chen
10 The Power of God's Spirit to Revive Mark Chen
17 King Jesus Destroys and Redeems Mark Chen
24 Comforting Your Frenemies Mark Chen
3 A Perfume To God Mark Chen
10 Confidence in the Spirit Mark Chen
17 Living Free and Unveiled Mark Chen
24 Assurance of Forgiveness Rev Ron Nugent
31 The Tragedy of Prayerlessness Rev Glen Lock
7 A Confident Vessel Mark Chen
14 Why Did They Shout Hosanna Mark Chen
21 TGBF Rev Steven Tan
28 Knowing The Mercy and Terror of the Lord Mark Chen
5 The Apostles Heart Cry Mark Chen
12 A Trecherous Woman, A Heroic Woman Mark Chen
19 An Open Heart from a Wounded Apostle Mark Chen
26 A Heartful Plea to be Seperate and Holy Mark Chen
2 Christ's Joy When We Are Sorry Mark Chen
9 A Heartfelt Plea for Generous Giving and Stewardship Mark Chen
16 People Are Blessed and God is Blessed by Our Generosity Mark Chen
23 Judge Not By Your Own Standard Mark Chen
30 Man's Rivalry and the Approval of God Mark Chen
7 Angels of Light Mark Chen
14 What Does God Require of Us? John Barlow
21 The Balanced Christian Life John Barlow
4 Deliver Us from the Evil One Glen Lock




JAN Message Speaker
7 When Our Idols Are Theatened Mark Chen
14 Give Of Your Best Mark Chen
21 What about Heaven Glen Lock
28 He Kept Back Nothing Mark Chen
4 Let God's Will Be Done Mark Chen
11 Jesus Raised In Power Keith Morris
18 It Was Like A Dream Ron Nugent
25 Anger and Idolatory of Custom Mark Chen
4 Where Is Your Citizenship Mark Chen
11 Wise Paul, Surrendered Paul Mark Chen
18 Failed Conspiracy and Triumphant Providence Mark Chen
25 A Clear Conscience before God and Man Mark Chen
1 Love for Our Savior Mark Chen
8 An Appeal To A Higher Court Mark Chen
15 An Appeal To The Highest Court (No Recording) Mark Chen
22 Two Madmen Mark Chen
29 Safe Through Shipwreck Mark Chen
6 Keep Calling On The Lord For Help Edward Paauwe
13 The Needy Ministering to the Needy Mark Chen
20 The Softness and Hardness of Heart Mark Chen
27 Always for the Gospel Mark Chen
3 Life Is Messy Mark Chen
10 The Right and Wrong Use Of The Tongue Glen Lock
17 Accomplishments Are Vain Mark Chen
24 Serve The Lord With Gladness Khawl Ro Kim
1 The Fruit Of The Spirit Ron Nugent
8 The Dreadful Cycle of Life Mark Chen
15 Earthly Justice and Injustice Mark Chen
22 Every Shadow Has a Light Mark Chen
29 Reverence and Godly Fear Mark Chen
5 Our Good and Comely Portion Mark Chen
12 Always Hungry Mark Chen




JAN Message Speaker
1 Opposition Is Bound To Happen Mark Chen
8 Soldier On Peter Chng
15 The Good News Message Jim Gibbon
22 Their Mouths Were Stopped Mark Chen
29 Early Church Unity Mark Chen
5 The Fiery Holiness of God Mark Chen
12 The Power of God Through Man Mark Chen
19 Obey God Rather Than Man Mark Chen
26 If It Be of God, Ye Cannot Overthrow It Mark Chen
5 How Deacons Intensify Gospel Work Mark Chen
12 Putting His life on the Line Mark Chen
19 Abraham and the God of Glory Mark Chen
26 Joseph and God the Deliverer Mark Chen
2 The Real Story of Moses Mark Chen
9 The Shortness of Life Jimmy Orchard
16 Love One Another As I Have Loved You Mark Chen
23 Does Covenant Still Look Good to Christ after 7 Years Bob Jones III
30 First Things First Pastor Glen Lock
7 The Real Story of The Temple Mark Chen
14 The First Christian Martyr Mark Chen
21 Simony Mark Chen
28 The Qualities of an Effective Witness Mark Chen
4 We Are Saul of Tarsus Mark Chen
11 An Amazing Testimony Mark Chen
18 Jesus Christ Maketh Thee Whole Mark Chen
25 Eat Bacon, Peter Mark Chen
2 God Does Not Show Favortism Mark Chen
9 Gospel Conversion Keith Morris
16 Putting David's Hand into God's Hand Rev Philip Gardiner
23 Outraged Men Appeased to Glorify God Mark Chen
30 A Well Taught Church Mark Chen
6 Conflict fo the Sovereigns Mark Chen
13 Paul Commissioned Mark Chen
20 Christ's Kingship Is Non-Negotiable Mark Chen
27 The Failure Of a Successful Life Rev Allen Beardmore
3 The Called Do Respond Mark Chen
10 In Search of A Response Mark Chen
17 Set Your Hope in God Rev Hock Chin Lee
24 They Returned Back to Danger Mark Chen
1 Controversy and Gospel Mark Chen
8 Resolving Controversy Mark Chen
15 Disseminating the Resolution Mark Chen
22 The Weak and Strong Mark Chen
29 The Man Who Brought A Hammer to Church Pastor Glen Lock
5 A Shut Door, an Open Heart, a Locked Prison Mark Chen
12 Appealing to God and Man Mark Chen
19 The Lord is My Shepherd Jimmy Orchard
26 Responses to the Word Mark Chen
3 Too Smart for Our Own Good Mark Chen
10 Help in the Ministry Mark Chen
17 The Work of Teaching and Learning Mark Chen
24 Glory to God Mark Chen
31 Jesus Really Matters Mark Chen




JAN Message Speaker
3 Life Under The New Covenant III - Keep Marriage and Sex Pure Mark Chen
10 Life Under The New Covenant IV - Bible Doctrines and Practice Mark Chen
17 Life Under The New Covenant V - Be Content, Not Covetous Mark Chen
24 Jesus Christ Keeps His Sheep Mark Chen
31 The Prodigal Prophet Mark Chen
7 The Defiance of God by Man Mark Chen
14 God Is Not Mocked Mark Chen
21 It is Hard For You to Kick Against the Pricks Mark Chen
28 The Anatomy of Repentance I - Real Repentance Needs The Word Mark Chen
6 The Goodness of God Rev Glen Lock
13 The Anatomy of Repentance II - Real Repentance is Visible and Discernible Mark Chen
20 The Anatomy of Repentance III - Man Is Dependant on a Merciful God Mark Chen
27 The Prodigal God Mark Chen
3 A Hopeful Confidence in Christ for the Church Mark Chen
10 Living Tenaciously for Christ Mark Chen
17 True Unity for Christ Mark Chen
24 Revolutionized by Christ Mark Chen
1 Made Right by Christ, Not by Religion Mark Chen
8 Knowing Christ Intimately Mark Chen
15 Standing Firmly in Godly Affections Mark Chen
22 Satisfied in Christ Mark Chen
29 The Cost of Discipleship Mark Chen
5 The People of Discipleship Mark Chen
12 The Primary Ministry Of the Holy Spirit to the World Rev Keith Morris
19 The Method of Discipleship Mark Chen
26 The Picture of Discipleship Mark Chen
3 Why Nehemiah Mark Chen
10 Conditions for Kingdom Growth Mark Chen
17 God Brings About His Kingdom Mark Chen
24 The Heartaches of Leadership Mark Chen
31 Internal Issues in Kingdom Building Mark Chen
7 The People of Kingdom Building Mark Chen
14 Kingdom Revival I Mark Chen
21 Kingdom Revival II Mark Chen
28 The Life of Spiritual Sacrifice Glen Lock
4 Kingdom Revival III Mark Chen
11 Everyone in Ministry Mark Chen
18 Rejoicing For The Kingdom Mark Chen
25 Continual Problems in Kingdom Building Mark Chen
2 Empowered Witnesses For Christ Mark Chen
9 Active Waiting For Christ's Promise Mark Chen
16 The Spirit Comes Mark Chen
23 The Spirit Preaches Mark Chen
30 The Spirit Convicts Mark Chen
6 The Spirit-Controlled Church Learns Mark Chen
13 The Spirit-Controlled Church Fellowships Mark Chen
20 The Spirit-Controlled Church Eats Mark Chen
27 The Spirit-Controlled Church Prays Mark Chen
4 From Lame to Upright Mark Chen
11 The Lord Is With You Dr John MacRae
18 The Healing Power of Forgiveness Rev Glen Lock
25 Christ Came to Save Sinners Mark Chen



JAN Message Speaker
4 When A Proud Man Picks A Fight With A Vindictive Man Mark Chen
11 When One Is Overtaken By Wrath Mark Chen
18 For Such a Time As This Mark Chen
25 How To Make A Wise Appeal Mark Chen
1 Eaten Up By Little Things Mark Chen
8 God's Chesed Love Endures Forever Rev Glen Lock
15 The Word of The Lord Rev Ron Nugent
22 God Rewards Us In His Time Mark Chen
1 God's Providence In The Affairs Of Men Mark Chen
8 God Delivers His People Mark Chen
15 Jesus - A Healer Of Souls Mark Chen
22 Jesus - The Mediator Of Life Mark Chen
29 All That Believe Is Not Faith Mark Chen
5 Jesus Has Overcome The World Rev Conrad Mwebe
12 Enthroning and Delighting in Christ Dr Tedd Tripp
19 Jesus Christ is God's Revelation Mark Chen
26 Jesus Christ is Better Than the Angels Mark Chen
3 If We Neglect So Great Salvation Mark Chen
10 The Son of God becamse the Son of Man Mark Chen
17 That The Sons of Men May Become The Sons of God Mark Chen
24 Hold Fast Unto The Lord Mark Chen
31 It is Dangerous for You Not to Believe Mark Chen
7 Justified By Faith Rev Ron Nugent
14 Our Redemption - Our Response Jim Gibbon
21 Rest - Not of Joshua But of Jesus Mark Chen
28 The Command to Enter into the Rest Mark Chen
5 Jesus, Our Great High Priest Mark Chen
12 Jesus, A Better High Priest Mark Chen
19 Why We Do Not Grow Spiritually Mark Chen
26 Apostasy Mark Chen
2 Hoping in God's Promises and Oathes Mark Chen
9 The Great Melchizedek Mark Chen
16 A Better Priest Because a Better Covenant Mark Chen
23 Mediator of a Better Covenant Mark Chen
30 What It Takes To Be Clean Mark Chen
6 For This Cause Mark Chen
13 Sanctified Through Christ Mark Chen
20 Drawing Near to God Mark Chen
27 The Danger of Willful Unbelief Mark Chen
4 The Glorious Church of God Mark Chen
11 How to Press On as A Christian Mark Chen
18 What is Faith? Mark Chen
25 Faith of The Father Mark Chen
8 What Faith Can Accomplish Mark Chen
15 The Christians Endurance and Discipline Mark Chen
22 God's Endurance and Discipline Mark Chen
29 Don't Resist God's Grace Mark Chen
6 Responsibilities Under The New Covenant Mark Chen
13 Life Under The New Covenant 1 - Obey Your Church Leaders Mark Chen
20 The Promised King Keith Morris
27 Life Under The New Covenant II - Love the Brethren Mark Chen


Special Messages

Good Friday A Place Called Calvary Rev Glen Lock
Sunday School Sunday School Message Rev Conrad Mwebe
What Is Thy Beloved More Rev David McIllveen
The Story about Melody Mrs Beneth Jones
The Worth Of A Soul Rev Bob Jones III
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." � John 3:16